The focused solutions by MobileLantern lower your costs and enhance productivity – for many industry requirements. The combination of our business knowledge and technology expertise helps organizations adapt as their industries change and function efficiently in their daily operations.

Field Services

MobileLantern automates each step of the business process to maximize efficiency in scheduling and service delivery.

Powered by TechLantern’s Mobile Framework, it delivers significant advantages. For head office dispatch teams, MobileLantern delivers increased visibility into what is actually going on out in the field and the ability to reassign or reroute schedules to maximize the use of resources as higher priority calls come in. And service technicians get the ability to focus on customers instead of rushing to complete paperwork.

Field Services


Accuracy, auditing and security are some of the many features of MobileLantern that are needed in an inspection. MobileLantern allows inspectors to be effective in their work and eliminate unnecessary and cumbersome paperwork.

The inspection process can be automated by leveraging MobileLantern software to view previous inspection history and make more informed decisions. Using a mobile printer, inspectors can create notices and billing information at the site. MobileLantern also provides tamperproof record keeping to ensure that any data collected during an inspection cannot be modified later.

Work Order Automation

Work order management is one of the best ways to maximize workflow efficiency in today’s competitive marketplace. Proper supply and demand management and efficient workforce organization is the key to maximizing customer satisfaction and organizational profits.

MobileLantern’s work order management solution keeps the field connected to management and accelerates the flow of business critical information across the enterprise. With this information, management can make informed decisions and respond faster to customer needs.


Sales Automation

Field Sales Representatives are faced with increasingly complex product sales cycles and high service level expectations. They need the right sales information on demand, real-time while in the field. Customers expect instant, accurate custom orders, quick responses to sales orders and inventory visibility, and high levels of delivery performance from their suppliers.

MobileLantern can help arm your field sales force with the right tools to deliver the performance your customers expect and keep your organization competitive. It will equip your field sales force with the right information needed to help turn every customer interaction into a revenue generating opportunity.

Proof Of Delivery

Have you ever had a customer question a delivery or lose the paperwork? With MobileLantern, the delivery process is digitized ensuring a team always has the proof of delivery at their fingertips.

Our Management Portal allows you to easily search and find any delivery for quick reference. MobileLantern’s integration technology enables an organization to retrieve the signatures and other information from the delivery to include in invoices.


Inventory Tracking

Keeping track of parts or products can be challenging. From tracking what is in stock to inventory on the road, it can be overwhelming. MobileLantern’s software can make inventory tracking a simple and painless process.

Track parts and products as they move around or leave your warehouse with MobileLantern. Our software can be integrated in your existing ERP systems to ensure that your counts are updated and accurate.