Mobile App

Built on the MobileLantern Framework, our Mobile App provides a fully customized application that can be delivered in a timely and cost effective manner. The framework supports multiple features that can be added to each customized application to tailor it to specific needs.

Offline Mode

Core to MobileLantern's framework is the ability to operate in an offline or batch mode without an active connection to the Internet. Customers that don't need real-time updates can opt to go with the offline option saving the cost of getting a data plan. The application will sync all its data back to the cloud when it comes in contact with a known Wifi network or is docked at the end of the day. The mobile application does not require any changes to go from an offline mode to a real time mode (using a mobile data network), allowing customers adapt to their business needs without incurring additional software cost.

Location (GPS) Capture

With GPS location tracking integrated into the mobile app, you are now able ot track the position of actions on the devices. Knowing where your products have been delivered, tracking the location of your inspections and recording the location of your service requests are some of the benefits of using the GPS locations.

Image Capture

Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words. MobileLantern can incorporate a image capture capabilities into your solution. Images can be captured in the field without the need for another device or complicated data transfer capabilities.

Signature Capture

With signature capture, you can have a digital copy of your customer's authorization or confirmation of any work done. The signature is available to you in the management portal with a simple few clicks and can show the proof of delivery to any customer requesting the information.

Barcode Scanning

Key to optimizing processes is minimizing data input. The mobile app supports barcode scanning allowing input with the touch of a button, saving valuable time inputting data, and minimizes mistakes associated with entering long and complex serial numbers or product codes.

Security Enabled

The mobile app supports user authentication to secure and protect the data that resides within the mobile app. By requiring a user to sign in to the app, all activities can also be tracked back to a specific user.


Sensitive processes need accurate information every step of the way. MobielLantern supports an audit trail that can show who did what, when and where. Customers can leverage this information to ensure that processes are being followed and also to further optimize processes.