Management Portal

MobileLantern’s Management Portal is a rich and robust interface that enables an organization to manage their mobile solutions. With this Portal, the organization can control and manage their mobile solutions as required.

Device Management

MobileLanten provides the ability to manage your devices right from out Management Portal. As a customer, you will have the ability to view all the devices registered with MobileLantern. In the case of stolen or missing devices, devices can be blocked and activated all through the management portal to ensure that only authorized devices can connect and work with the MobileLantern Platform.

Forms Management

Core to any mobile platform is the forms that are available on the mobile application. To ensure that customers have access to the forms and are able to quickly react and make changes, MoblieLantern includes the ability to manage these forms. Customers can created, view, search, assign and customize the forms that are currently in use.

User Management

A simple and intuitive interface has been created to allow customers to create and manage user in the system. Customer can create, enable and disable users for both the management portal and also the mobile devices.

Audit Logs

For customers who have sensitive business processes, the MobileLanten framework comes equipped with audit capability to ensure that every action in the process is captured and documented. The audit logs are tamper proof ensuring that once it is captured, it cannot be changed or edited.

Security Enabled

Access to MobileLantern is secured requiring users to login and authenticate themselves before being able to access the Management Portal. In addition, MobileLantern supports access control, allowing customers to dictate who has access to what functionality in the portal.

Content Management

In such a highly dynamic environment, data is consistently changing and customers need the ability to update their content easily and quickly. MobileLantern incorporates the ability to update any content that is displayed in the forms such as customer lists and product lists. MobileLantern provides the ability to update content by either editing individual entries or by importing a CSV file to bulk imports. In addition, by utilizing MobileLantern's API, any content can be updated via an automated process.


Customers need to keep on top of the pulse of their business to understand the status of their business and to react quickly to changing needs. Our reporting capabilities allows customers to quickly get a customized view of the mobile data in an instance. The reports can be customized to fit any business need and provide the data in any format necessary including exporting the data in various formats.

Integration API

Once of the core features in MobileLantern is an integration API that allows interoperability to existing systems. MobileLantern can accept in bound data feeds from existing systems and can also send data to any system. Our API supports interfacing via REST, web services, flat files and many other connectivity options.

Connection Logs

MobileLantern's connection logs allow customers to view the activity on the devices including the date/time, the active user on the device and also the GPS location of the connection. The connection log allows customers to understand the mobile applications are used to further refine and optimize their business processes.