Being robust and flexible is one of our key values in building the MobileLantern platform. To that end, MobileLantern offers both a hosted (Cloud) model and an on premise model as hosting solutions for our customers.


Cloud Hosting

Since the introduction of cloud computing, business have been steadily moving to the cloud to leverage the savings and features offered by the cloud. Gartner identified cloud computing at the top of their list of top 10 technologies and trends that will be strategic for businesses in 2011.

With MobileLantern’s Cloud Platform, customers can have their mobile solutions built and deployed quickly and efficiently. Customers using the cloud will be able to start using their mobile solution almost immediately, and will not need to worry about installing hardware, setting up software, and configuring network equipment. With the added security and reliability, customers can have the ease of mind that their data is safe and easily accessible from any connected device.

Why move to the cloud?

  • Cost Efficient: Our Cloud Platform includes all required hardware and software and is fully managed, providing you a solution at a fraction of the cost of what it will take to purchase and maintain the hardware and software yourself. You pay by device and are therefore only paying for what you are using.
  • Available and Accessible: Your application is always on, and always accessible. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Connect to it anywhere. Our active monitoring notifies our support team of potential issues before they happen, further reducing down time.
  • Scalable: Our Cloud Platform grows with you. As your work load increases, our hardware and bandwidth increases with you.
  • Secure and Private: Data is redundantly stored, secured, and protected. Only your users will be able to view and access your forms, content, and media.
  • Easy: Our Cloud Platform provides a streamlined deployment process. Solutions can be deployed in a much quicker time frame compared to traditional hosting methods, allowing you to get up and running and stay focused on your business.

On Premise Hosting

At MobileLantern we understand that some customers may want to leverage existing IT infrastructure or may have sensitive data that needs to stay within the four walls of an organization. Our implementation team will work closely with any IT organization to identify the best strategy for hosting and configuring MobileLantern. Customers will learn what are some of the best practices that will provide the maximum value, highest security and greatest availability.