MobileLantern is a sophisticated mobile framework that is robust and flexible enough to help any business improve their operational processes. Leveraging the MobileLantern platform, customers will be able to rapidly and cost effectively move all paper processes to a digital process saving time and money. Enabling MobileLantern is as easy as customizing your solution, managing your solution and finally optimizing your processes based on performance and reports.



  • Minimal impact to existing processes
  • Pick the features that meet your business needs
  • Save valuable field time with calculations, validation, and scanning
  • Deploy to the cloud for painless hosting


  • Manage forms online
  • Dispatch forms, content and media to the field
  • Sync and connect in real time or batch mode
  • Add or block users and devices in an instant
  • Import, export or integrate with your backend system


  • Use reports to view the performance of the solution and your company
  • Analyze the solution data to identify waste
  • Adapt the solution and your processes to realize further efficiencies


Technology and Architecture

Built on a Service Oriented Architecture with Microsoft.NET technology, MobileLantern is a robust platform for rapidly building and deploying mobile applications. MobileLantern has components that can be coupled together to meet the exact requirements of our customers. Our integration layer allows MobileLantern to interoperate seamlessly with your existing systems for a complete, end-to-end solution.

Management Portal

MobileLantern includes a sophisticated Management Portal that gives organizations the ability to manage and maintain the solution to meet their requirements. Using the reports in the Management Portal, an organization can view captured data and optimize their processes.

Mobile App

The highly customizable mobile app inherent in MobileLantern can be tailored to meet any organization’s needs. Since every organization has different business processes, MobileLantern makes it possible to mold the mobile app to fit their existing processes, thereby minimizing the impact of transitioning to a mobile solution.


MobileLantern supports a wealth of Windows Mobile devices and We are continually testing and certifying our software on new mobile technology and hardware to give our customers a wide range of options when selecting a device that fits their business needs.


With MobileLantern, implementing a mobile solution is easy. Our Cloud Platform makes it possible to get up and running quickly with a robust, secure and highly available hosting solution that eliminates the hassle of buying hardware and software. With the Cloud model, an organization can focus on their business while enjoying an end-to-end technology solution.


Part of providing a robust solution is also supporting a robust pricing model. MobileLantern supports three primary pricing models. Monthly Per Device (Hosted) for companies with a small number of mobile devices. Monthly Enterprise (Hosted) for larger customers requiring support for unlimited devices. And finally, License based (On-Premise) for customers with existing infrastructure that wish to host MobileLantern.